touch of light - by josé bértolo

"in the beginning was not the act – the photographer taking photos and objects being shot – but a roll of film accidentally exposed to light. in the beginning was error. unpredictable images emerged in the development process, images in which the photographer would not be able to see the things he had seen while photographing. instead, different things were to be seen. through error, the mirror of reality cracks open and gives way to a new world, intimately related to the physical world, but after all very distant from it. a realm of things that cannot be seen with open eyes. beyond connotation. beyond depiction. photography is not about saving the past, but about creating an eternal present, an influx. in the end, everything seems to be in its right place because there was no right place to begin with.

now you may look at the images with eyes wide shut."

josé bértolo is a portuguese part-time photographer and a full-time phd candidate and researcher in film studies.


dec 10 2018

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