tales and faces - by tom jetski

"the title of the series comes from a song by a band called city light thief where they sing - home is no longer linked to places, my home is defined by tales and faces.

as I started fiddling around with photography i integrated this philosophy into my compositions. i try to capture the people dearest to me in their moments they share with me. by now most of my friends and family know to ignore my cameras since i've told them to multiple times. i want to avoid the stiff faces and positions people automatically fall into when confronted with a lens. I often just press the shutter when I see an opportunity, sometimes completely forgetting to adjust shutter speed and/or aperture when working with a mechanical camera."

tom jetski is a german musician and photographer born and raised in east germany. he enjoys putting together mixtapes for friends and strangers and loves wandering the streets at night trying to swallow the city lights.


dec 3 2018

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