the chaos of noah's ark - by refik sancar

"i tried to express the sublimity of nature like romantics do. using expired 35mm film and 120mm cross-processed dia film, i was given these results, that i expected while shooting. i love double exposure techniques or these kinds of 'in process' manipulations.

with love!"

"i'm refik from antalya, turkey. i'm a senior english language and literature student at akdeniz university. i've been a passionate film photographer since 2015. passion is the key factor for me to find inspiration. i take my inspiration from the passionate photographers or artists who live bohemian lifestyles. sometimes i'm broke, but i keep shooting film. i shoot both 35mm and 120mm with my 35mm slr camera revueflex sd1 and the soviet beauty lubitel 2."


mar 22 2019

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