the view of you - by nancy merou

"one of my biggest aspirations is to make peace with solitude.
self rejection has been a challenging opponent of mine but i have come to an understanding that only when you embrace your fears will you be able to move forward.
loneliness is not something you should reprehend.
it is a choice you have to make from time to time in order to get to know as well as love yourself better.
analog photography helped me capture the beauty and freedom in everyday lone, home life.
i don’t like to set up my pictures excessively.
i prefer to stay in a corner and observe until i feel the right time to hit the click button.
i am thankful to all the girls who let me get into their homes and helped me express myself through them.
the view of you is an ongoing project as i am still exploring myself, my thoughts and my abilities."

nancy is a film photographer based in athens, greece.


mar 19 2019

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