see it in me - by molly goodspeed

"i'm kind of obsessed with rhetoric, so photography is a challenge for me in that way. it's hard for me to accept that a photo is going to say whatever it's going to say, even if i'm clear in my intentions. a lot of getting into photography has been about releasing control. i know that the act of shooting makes me happy, i know what photos i'm drawn to, and i know why. but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. people are going to ignore or react in whatever way is natural to them. 

so if my work won't mean something to everyone, then why wouldn't i do what feels authentic to me? of course insecurities have a way of getting in the way, but it's important for me to recalibrate when i convince myself that universal appeal is remotely possible. this is why i'm most inspired by artists and people who don’t try to carry that weight. rather, concentrate on understanding, questioning, and strengthening the voice they’ve always had."

molly has been taking photos since before she can remember, but began seeing photography as her own form of expression in fall of 2017. since then, she's focused on film photography, as she's in love with every step of the process. she founded red moon mag (nov 2018) just for fun - to connect film photographers from around the world who share similar intention, and to encourage people to dive deeper into the soul of their work.

feb 1 2019

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