colors - by maria paganopoulou

"i currently travel and photograph, mostly through germany. but wherever i go i seem to search for the contemporary ruins and demise of athens. and this is exactly what i shoot of the cities i visit. i guess i’m nostalgic, i won’t deny it.

cities so far make certain impressions which can be put into colors rather than words. bremen is dull lilac, deep green undertones, always a bright blue detail. düsseldorf is yellow- green, light-grey in the morning, occasionally orange."

"my name is maria paganopoulou and converted to analogue 4 years ago. my dissatisfaction with my production led me to follow this road. with film, the sole fact that one didn’t mess up anything - burned the film somehow, didn’t attach it properly- and thus that he gets results, is itself a reason to be happy."


apr 12 2019

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