anxiety - by maria beatriz rocha

"the project is called "anxiety" because in my view, the situation itself has to do with a person trying to exist in two times - the past and the future; the first keeps us worried and the second - we have absolutely no control over. living in the now and feeling each bit of the present moment is something unique, harmless, and fulfilling. it could be the best answer."

"i'm 22 years old and was born in the azorean island of terceira and am now living in lisbon, portugal. i studied liberal arts and am now taking a course in art curating. i like to create, moments with people around me, stories with my camera or really any other medium, like painting, collages or illustration. film photography for me has so much creative and spiritual substance. it's your moment one on one with light, life, and chance."


apr 9 2019

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