sunday estates - by kasey elliott

"i have always loved going to yard and estate sales along with thrifting. i grew up poor so i learned to love finding a good deal and treasure hunting. i started going to estate sales when i moved to a bigger city and fell in love with the time capsule homes i would walk in to, as i have always loved old things. the more i went, the more weird or beautiful things i would see and i would always ask myself, why didnt i bring my camera? one day i brought a friend with me, and i was so inspired by this house and this person who i never met, i said to him i wish this was my job, why cant this be my job. so i started taking these disposable cameras with me and now its my sunday ritual."

"i'm 28 years old. i started taking pictures as a kid because my mom used to let me take her camera to school to take pictures of my friends. i started taking photography more seriously when I was 20 and I was gifted my first dslr camera. from that i used myself as my main subject and now i primarily shoot portraits and band photos while dabbling in film. i carry around a point and shoot 35mm and disposable cameras which is also what i shoot the estate sales with. i live in Portland Oregon, but i'm from a small town in Michigan. i love photography because you can do anything you want with it, you can explore so many things. which is what i do. i never stick to the same thing for long. i like doing it all, from film to digital to weddings and photographing bands that i go on tour with around the world, to self portraits and landscapes, i like to do and try it all."


mar 4 2019

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