interview - rosie mackay

what motivates you?

change, loneliness, satisfaction

what inspires you?

wonderful & creative friends

how long have you been creating your work?

since i was around 16 years old, i felt very isolated in a town in the english countryside and decided i wanted to start creating work to entertain myself. i started bringing a camera mostly everywhere i went, making my friends pose for my weird ideas. 

what is an insecurity you have spent time grappling with recently?

i feel that as an insecure person it’s so easy to worry about so many things! a big one is comparing myself to others, if within work or lifestyle.

what do you imagine for your future as an artist?

i hope to still be making work as i get older, and that i am constantly improving and putting more of my ideas out there, i hope to never stop taking photos.

share a recent encounter with an artist or stranger that has shifted your perspective.

not a singular encounter per se, but having people from my past re enter my life making me realise how much i have changed in the last decade, in so many ways.


aug 5 2020

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