interview - kelia ideishi

what motivates you?

loneliness and a longing to connect.

what inspires you?

the subconscious, the beautiful, the strange, the dark, the light.

how long have you been creating your work?

with intention, since 2016. prior to then, i had always taken photographs but did not value them as an intrinsic aspect of my identity.

what is an insecurity you have spent time grappling with recently?

that I am not doing enough. that there is an inherent self-importance in being an artist.

what do you imagine for your future as an artist?

being free of fear.

share a recent encounter with an artist or a stranger that has shifted your perspective.

i haven’t had a recent physical encounter with anyone however i am very in awe of the wonderful oddity that is david lynch!

mar 30 2020

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