interview - cecilia minutillo turtur

what motivates you?

i'm motivated by the need to know myself through other people, hoping they can do the same when they look at my pictures.

what inspires you? 

the true essence of the soul. i always long to capture it, sometimes i feel like i went very near to finding it. but still it's ephemeral, therefore inspirational. 

how long have you been creating your work?

i actually learned how to shoot film when i was 15, but i started taking photography more seriously two years ago.

what is an insecurity you have spent time grappling with recently?

my body and my image. i have always been affected by this as a woman unfortunately.

what do you imagine for your future as an artist?

i really hope to be part of the camera department in the movie industry one day, and maybe become DOP. who knows... fingers crossed!

share a recent encounter with an artist or a stranger that has shifted your perspective. 

i have been deeply touched by the art of germana stella (je_suis_bordeaux on instagram). i love the way she shows her scars, her body, her weaknesses, trying to make people understand that no one is perfect but we should try to love ourselves, especially when we suffer. 


apr 24 2020

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