interview - ana bezzi

what motivates you?

everytime i create, i remember why i started. my motivation comes from my belief that art is essential for the human essence. like philosophy. it makes me not want to stop when i know i'm doing something for the soul - for the spirit, for knowledge, for people. i always wanted to make art for a living. so i keep on going for the process, for the continuous spiral, never to get to a result.

what inspires you?

people! humans beings are fucking amazing. i do it for them - for us.

how long have you been creating your work?

i would say i started since i first understood that art was more than a hobby. probably around 6 years ago.

what is an insecurity you have spent time grappling with recently?

not having a focus. i have a major difficulty in seeing clearly what my art is. i don't know if anybody ever knows it for sure, but perhaps my constant changing of taste/media/inspiration/perspective confuses me to the point where i'm not so sure how people see me as an artist. should that even matter so much?

what do you imagine for your future as an artist?

i guess my previous answer says a lot about how difficult it is to have a proper response. however, today (and again, that is only today), i try to comfort myself with the thought that I will work with the image of the body. the connection between physical and imagetic, between shapes and somatic consciousness is what drives me to continue. i see a future as someone who can manage to express through movement, through presence and through images. whether it's with dance, video performance, or body photography - that i'm still about to discover. i would just love to see people gaining body consciousness through the effects of image making.

share a recent encounter with an artist or a stranger that has shifted your perspective.

i was recently a part of a performance group called the naked jacket. they are crazy - in the best way you can imagine. it's a small business of intense performativity that taught me loads of stuff. they showed me how to feel (on stage) and how to just be there - for the audience, and for yourself. after our experience together, my perspective over WHY IS PERFORMANCE SO GOOD just made sense. it's the most present form of art, and also the most primitive. it's real, and it's human. that's the kind of art i want to see in the world. 


apr 24 2020

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