região centro (uma introdução) - by inês pedrosa e melo

"my roots are deeply radicated in the center region of portugal: i was raised between coastal towns, inner cities, plain fields and mountain highlands. i spent significant parts of my life between my hometown of coimbra, my adopted hometown and capital lisbon; and the town of anadia and surrounding villages, circulating in the thermal destinations of luso, curia, vale da mó, buçaco. these places have deeply defined my own sense of belonging and identity, and as i have aged and grown as an artist i have come to truly appreciate them.

this series functions as a personal introduction to a visual exploration of the villages and smaller towns that surround anadia. first and foremost, it functions as an homage to my grandmother's house and the small space it occupies in one of the smallest villages of the region, but also as an exercise of looking into the region's town, once popular thermal touristic destinations, now destined to decay and abandonment."

inês is a documentary filmmaker and photographer and nonfiction writer from lisbon, portugal. she is currently based in san francisco & bay area, us. her filmic and photographic work is deeply informed by her own sense of cultural belonging, and some of her research and artistic interests range from historical and cultural trauma and collective memory, the rural and urban divide, architecture and communal identity.


jan 11 2019

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