floruerunt - by inês condeço

in the portrait series “floruerunt” -which stands for “flourish” in english- inês goesfrom an organic and raw perspective to express the resilience and, above all, thecapacity women must flourish in the face of adversities.

women and flowers engage in an intimate and perfect symbioses as if they were anatural part of each other. such as flowers, independently from the fragile appearance,women also grow with a strong body, blossom and, finally, flourish. no matter thecontext, this is an inevitable process despite the catastrophes – which are, likewise,inevitable.

deprived from any predispositions or formalities, the women in here portrayed shinethrough their experiences in an intense and natural mode. the analogue photographyin “blossom” supports that thesis. after all, life’s an analogue experience.

inês condeço, 24 years old, fell in love with photography early on. since the day she held an analog camera, she realized that that was not only a way tosee the world but it was also a way to show it. as a women’s and lgbt right’s activist,the photographer takes a step forward and compromises herself to immortalize thepurest and freest side of people.



apr 30 2019

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