timeless - by hugo adoire

"my first experience in photography started a few years ago when i was traveling new zealand, i was using a cheap pentax digital camera that my sister lent me. once i was back in france i decided to invest in my first film camera, a canon ae1 program. unfortunately, it got stolen last year in south america and i lost some rolls too. since then, i'm using a pentax k1000, nikonos v and i try to find some good, cheap cameras in thrift shops.

i was firstly shooting landscape mainly and then trying to experiment with different stuff such as portrait, minimalism and more recently night shooting. i like the surprise and randomness of film that creates a unique aspect compared to digital. i always feel like a child getting his christmas presents when i'm going to develop my film in a photography shop, and this illustrates why i think film shooting is the best."

hugo audoire is a french photographer based in paris.


jan 14 2019

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