nature - by helena costa

"'thus is art, a nature passed through the alembic of man.' ralph waldo emerson, nature, 1836

art is nature distilled by the mind of man. the painter and the sculptor and the photographer try in their own way to concentrate their impression of the world in one point, and it's its radiance that stimulates them to produce.  there is a special relationship between man and nature. the pleasure that comes from this relationship does not come from nature in itself, but from a product of harmony between the senses of man and the world that surrounds him. how we react to nature depends on our state of mind as we approach it. the same landscape when seen with different states of mind is experienced as for the first time, in the same way as when seen in different seasons. a gloomy, foggy path can be more dazzling than a clear, lightened path, depending on the mood of the one who proposes to walk it. the light that bursts through the clouds illuminates differently than the one who once fought the storm, as the view from the top of the mountain is embraced differently by the one who once struggled to climb it. with this series of photos, and inspired by emerson's book, i hope to explore our relationship with nature, its influence in the process of art creation, while sensibilizating for the critical importance of its protection."

helena is a 24 year old senior veterinary student from portugal. passionate about travels, animals, the outdoors, books and coffee.


feb 4 2019

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