the world we are losing - by giacomo tiberia

"i think analog photography is a real act of resistance to time and technology, that does not always allow us to keep our memories as we should. furthermore, i believe that the existence of each of us is defined by our everyday life, which we continually lose. turning the lens to the outside is one way to define ourselves and try to save something."

"my name is giacomo tiberia, and i come from italy. i was born in frosinone, where i currently live and work. my grandparents had a house nearby at monte argentario and all my summers, until I was 20, i spent them there, at the seaside. i started playing guitar as a child, and it was immediately like having another world available. i then studied computer engineering but I tried, as hard as possible, to not limit myself to numbers. i recognized through the photography of eggleston and shore, the american literature, that life as a teenager filled my imagination. i also found the same scenarios on business trips to the united states. i found that the explosion of my eye occurred in the analogue, in contrast to the digital past. i belong to a passing generation, but for me analog photography was a real discovery: the feeling that analogue gave me. of the memory of a moment that i wanted to stop. a feeling that did not occur with digital."


may 29 2019

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