quotidiano - by franco bernacchi

"my name is franco bernacchi, i'm from argentina and im turning 27 in july. i began taking photos with my cellphone 2 years ago and started getting more and more interested and passionate about it. my best friend has a nice digital reflex camera that he brought on a trip we took together a year ago, and since then i've been taking photos with that. i was really into long exposure and night photography and only taking photos when i went to the countyside because i could see the charm and the beauty of the city, more than of the things i see in my ordinary day. a couple of weeks ago, i bought my first film camera, a beautiful canon ae-1, and it came with expiredkodak ultramax 400 that i started shooting on my house balcony. i didn't know how to load the film or use the camera, but the result was pretty good i think. these photos are from that first magical film. i'm totally in love with film and my ae-1 now and wouldnt change it for anything."


mar 29 2019

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