the colors are the same, the light is different - by francesca ottobelli

"i traveled in northern india and nepal for two months, with only my yashica tlr and a bunch of portra 400 films. as a european, i grew up seeing reportages of india and nepal made by white western people for white western people, and so my purpose was to concentrate on letting go of the stereotypes and try to go beyond photographing what i expected to find in india: the "other", the weird, the different. the slowness of my film camera made me deconstruct every picture i took, making me think about why i was taking that picture of that person or place. what i end up doing was not looking for the different but for the geometry and the aesthetic, how people mingled with their surroundings, and this gave me results which were relatively independent of the fact that i was in india or nepal by itself. so i thought i might have reached my goal."

francesca ottobelli is an photographer based in italy. she's in her mid-twenties and studies psychology. she started to take pictures with film when she was a child, then switched to digital, and then switched back to film. she currently travels once a year for two months and takes pictures of the places and people she meets with her yashica mat 124g.


jan 19 2019

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