sunday - by emilia jasmin

"i'm naming this series 'sunday'. sunday is my favorite day of the week. its the day i become creative, i sort my life out and i fall in love with everyone and the world.

so, on a sunday at the beginning of the year, i decided to take as many trips abroad as i could, mostly for work, but also for fun. i was making my first ambient record and wanted to document everything from sounds to photos. from short trips to the danish seaside to wandering the streets of new york. from the intense summer heat in japan to the magical mist of niagara falls. from my grandmothers backyard to countless tram and bus journeys across portugal.

'sunday' is the result of the moments from my adventures that made me fall in love."

emilia is an artist from london with malaysian roots. currently based in copenhagen, denmark. she has always played with analog cameras from a very young age and loves to play with experimental films.


jan 3 2019

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