tenerife - by dennis eichmann

"i grew up in northern germany. from 2008 to 2011 i studied fine arts in kiel (germany) and in vienna (austria). after recieving my b.a. i moved to berlin to study fashion design. i'm currently finishing my m.a. and i started film photography about 2 years ago. i had already done it before, but never so extensively. most of my pictures are dealing with architecture and landscape. i find the the idea of the new topographics, a human-made and or human-altered ladscape, highly fascinating. i feel like a lot of my pictures have a certain nostalgia or melancholy to them because they talk about the fact that humans have created or changed the environment, but you never see any humans in these pictures. it's like a memory of something long gone, and very cinematic."



may 2 2019

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