confidence - by tyler henson

"this past summer i prayed for confidence. so after some time in prayer, god answered. he told me if i wanted confidence then turn to the gift he gave me and that’s where he would begin to build it. so, i picked up my camera and he directed my focus to take pictures of people. more specifically taking pictures of people in a way that i had never done before. going into busy areas like chinatown in d.c. and new york. i was getting up close in people’s faces in a “street photography” type of style.

what i didn’t realize before doing any of this was the fear that would grip me while I was out taking these photos. over those 5 months every day i went to shoot i was self-conscious, nervous, and afraid. i always seemed to second guess myself anytime i saw a photo to take. it was like i’d freeze up and talk myself out of taking the picture.

i like taking my time and making sure the composition is just right, but with this i learned you really just have to trust your eye, point, and click. i was completely out of my comfort zone, a world unfamiliar.

but isn’t that where confidence comes from. doing something you’ve never done before, overcoming your fears, and realizing you can do it.

these pictures are a visual representation of my confidence level."

"i have been taking photos for a little over 7 years both digital and film. this, to me, is deeply spiritual. i use to get closer to god and to understand how i’m feeling at any given time. i hope to just continue to improve, grow, and get better."


oct 22 2020

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