the visit - by clare marie bailey

"the visit sees a mysterious and unexplained force sweep through a town and create an
unexplained hypnotic effect on its residents. influenced by 1960s and 1970s sci-fi and

clare marie bailey is a welsh photographer and was born and grew up on the island of anglesey in wales. spending hours with her grandmother who was italian, clare became interested in world cinema and was impressed by the rituals and theatre of the catholic church which she attended as a child- both would later influence her photographic work.

clare’s work, centred on self-portraits, is heavily influenced by the cinema, magical iconography, dreams, the counterculture of the 1960 s and b-movies. clare uses film to work towards creating an alternative and parallel world where she can co-exist with the ‘real’ world and is fascinated with the idea of ‘doubles’ and ‘doppelgangers’ and the concept of reinvention. clare believes all art is a form of magic and using memory, emotion and imagination to manipulate materials and create imagery is a form of alchemy.

her work has been exhibited in group shows and most recently was exhibited as part of image nations ‘instant art paris’ the international polaroid exhibition in galerie joseph turenne, paris.

currently working on a new body of work, clare has also been creating film shorts to accompany her still work. clare is a group member of the 12:12 project for 2019 that brings together international polaroid artists who shoot a different theme for each month throughout the year.


jan 31 2019

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