state of mind - by marcia filz

"i began to photograph with continuity 10 years ago during my fourth year of studies in plastic arts and since then it has become the greatest of my passions. i currently work as a professional photographer and teacher; in spite of that, i am constantly learning about photography as a form of expression.

i photograph landscapes, small everyday scenes and people, including myself. in my photographs i seek to reveal a state of mind through colors, shapes and the way in which light relates to environments...

...for my personal work i shoot in analog because i enjoy the uncertainty of the different processes that are needed to reach an image: from the choice and loading of the roll, going through the moment of photographing and not seeing the result immediately, until the moment of copying or scan of the negatives.

teamwork, research and development of different techniques and the influence of my hours of reading and listening to music are my greatest motivation and inspiration when generating photographs."

marcia filz is a photographer living in argentina.


dec 18 2018

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