isorropía - by emre kocaman

isorropía is a part of the project "choeur sauvage".

"the project "choeur sauvage" is born with a deep intention to merge the film photography and the writing with the aim of putting a step forward towards independent cinema.

each story told on the site - in their original version - reflects a reality in its raw state, composed of enriching observations lived deeply in a way that i found necessary to bring to light.

i wish to put forward aesthetic visions as a deep alliance between substance and form of philosophical, sociological and psychological subjects related not only to the present society but also to the closest to the human being...

...these projects represent to me a manifestation of the instinct destined to dismember the principles of the current decadence, the exaltation of obscurity and indifference in order to allow the discovery of the reality of this lower world in which we live. 

the name "choeur sauvage" came unexpectedly after i finished reading a novel by norwegian writer knut hamsun entitled "hunger". this title is freely connoted to my mind that life must be lived as a score without knowing the following notes, composed by and for the beings who are dear to us and intended by a "wild" free will, in the natural state of things. discovered later that this author had written a collection of poems called "le choeur sauvage", i finally decided to keep the name."

emre kocaman is an artist from turkey and greece, based now in paris, france.


dec 21 2018

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