film story - by alexandros garnavos

"my inspiration derives, in most part, from my everyday experiences. walking plays a big role in my practice. it gives me time to understand my presence in the space and experience what’s happening around me. i am also interested in the element of time in my work. mostly in how the past is embedded in the future throughout culture and the city itself. i think of my camera as being my diary. for the past year i’ve been focusing on capturing hands on film. it started out from a place of memory, hands of my favorite people, hands in places that i feel connected to in the city. afterwards, i began to incorporate this method in my travels as well, while I was wondering. instead of capturing the significant places I was visiting, i attempted to shoot hands in these places instead. through this documentation, i was able to signify my position in time and place. i believe that the hands are the most beautiful part of the human body. they bare the ability to craft and destroy. i find this relationship to be magical."

alexandros garnavos was born in athens, greece december of '92. he's now a visual artist based in athens, and works as an assistant of costume and set designer on different theatrical productions. he studied at the department of fine arts and arts sciences of the university of ioannina, majoring in painting. for the academic year of 2016, he studied in accademia di belle arti di brera, in milan with the erasmus student exchange program.


dec 11 2018

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