water in a roll of film - by ana bezzi

"when i read marina abramovic, i always think about how people connect with time. she questions us about how difficult it is to cross a room in more than one hour. that is because we do everything so fast and meaninglessly. i guess photography is here to show exactly that - we have time. things don't stay, though - we live impermanently. marina says our bodies are what we truly have, here. and look how disconnected we are from them. i try to bring what she does. i try to connect people to their own bodies and what they do with them. this was a simple series of 36 analog frames with a glass of water. i wanted her to drink that water in 36 ways. i gave her time, and that's all. funny thing is, she didn't even get to drink it."

"my name is ana, i'm from south brazil and i live for art. i have this really strong feeling that art can change the way people connect with everything, so i do photography. i shoot film because i'd rather see faces in grain than in pixels, but i guess the world is beautiful either way. it is beautiful, indeed. i'm glad we have photography to make us see it for a longer time."


dec 26 2018

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