nyc snow blizzards - by adam miller

"the acute conditions of our snow blizzards really bring out the toughness and, at some level, survival skills of new yorkers. so much of our lives depends on walking the streets, more so than most other large cosmopolitan cities. therefore, most of us have no choice but to go out in the streets for a prolonged period and brave the extreme weather elements, whether it’s to commute to work or school, walk the dog or run essential errands. the deep and slippery snow, harsh winds and brutal cold can be mercilessly punishing. yet, new yorkers find their own way to persevere. this series presents some highlights of a 7-year long project of shooting new yorkers in a close up and candid fashion as they brave the harsh snow blizzards in nyc. i have shot this project entirely with film (mostly portra 400 @ 800) and mostly with flash."

"i am an all film, all format photographer with a passion for capturing the zeitgeist of the city that never sleeps. i celebrate all aspects of new york city with my photography.  my fine art cityscapes, captured exclusively on medium and large format film, adorn homes and offices around the world. my real passion, however, is street photography.  i am the proud son of an old-time nyc “gate crasher” paparazzi, who rubbed shoulders with all the hottest celebrities and politicians of the 60's and 70’s with his linhof press camera and flash (which I still use today). i think this is where I get my yearning for an up-close-and-personal feel to my photographs. my street photographs reveal deep love and respect for my fellow new yorkers. i don’t spend too much time chasing those serendipitous moments or surreal juxtapositions. rather, I tend to seek out people in their element as new yorkers. i love encapsulating those elements of beauty, fashion and attitudes that define our present culture in new york city, all with a classic film aesthetic. with one exception, I have not really spent too much time studying the “greats” of the past street photography generations. i pretty much espouse the motto of “find your own style, everyone else’s is taken.” the one exception  for me is garry winogrand. i am utterly fascinated by his extreme compulsion to shoot copiously anything and everything that struck him as interesting. i find that i identify a lot with his personality. i'm hailed around the world for being a fun shooting partner and nyc photography tour guide. so don’t hesitate to look me up the next time you are in nyc!"


mar 1 2019

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