2:49 am - by hafidz isham

"i aim to convey a universal appeal in my photos. there’s never really a specific goal i have whenever i shoot a project, the only thing that guides me is an emotion. emotions are an integral part of the philosophy of my work. i find it fascinating that we can interpret any medium in a number of ways and that perception varies from person to person. how we perceive things is often a reflection of ourselves, and the reason why i love photography is that it doesn’t need any supporting text and it always open to individual interpretation. as long as the audience feels an emotion or reacts in a particular way, then i constitute that as a success on my part, even if the audience may not exactly know what they are feeling. the beauty of photography is that it’s an unforgiving visual medium, and with that, i want to express a visceral and raw sense of emotion...

...i challenge myself by subverting the many tropes of portrait photography we see on instagram today. i personally feel like this field of photography has saturated itself and because of that, i look for alternatives in every aspect including format, which is the main reason why I choose to shoot on film now. the film format, in my opinion, offers a more authentic experience of photography as I can solely focus on directing my subject rather than looking at the back of my camera the whole time. my gear should never be restricting me when taking photos. apart from the different aesthetic qualities different tools can bring, gear should never really matter at all, as long as I can take a photo with it. the most rewarding part of doing this is that I am encouraging people to feel and to emphasize. i personally believe that our emotions are a critical part of our being and we need to keep in touch with them, so we can truly be ourselves."

hafidz isham is a 17-year-old student from the small country of brunei darussalam. he likes to go around on the weekends and shoot his pretty friends. he's lactose intolerant but refuses to accept that and so he has a tumultuous relationship with his toilet. he's a huge fan of dark chocolate and anything made by nicolas winding refn (except for the last half hour of only god forgives).


dec 7 2018

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