walk lightly - by matt young

"i genuinely do wish there was some sort of lofty intention behind my pictures. if not just to make project statements like this easier for me to write and more interesting for people to read, but regrettably that isn't the case. it's kind of hard to articulate what it is that makes me push the shutter when i do as it varies from shot to shot, but it always stems simply from a feeling i get from something. sometimes it's a person or place, perhaps some little scene unfolding, or just a combination of colours and shapes, that appeals to me or that i feel tells a story in some way (although don't ask me what that story is). these pictures are from a three month trip i took across the us, by bus, from new york to los angeles this past summer. so they're really just snapshots of how i felt about where i was, the people around me or the moment I was in."

matt young is a 35 year old film photographer who was born and raised in london. he loves good art, good tea, and he eats far too much italian cheese. 


nov 29 2018

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